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For over 30 years we have focused on becoming one of the best white glove delivery services in the country.

Our trucks and drivers are equipped with state of the art tracking technologies to help keep us all in the loop and make sure you know where your customer's product is located at any time. In addition to technology, we pride ourselves on the personal aspect and giving you and your customers a mix of technology and personality with our reachable, experienced and professional customer service team.

Our Final mile delivery company offers clients an array of delivery options ranging from threshold delivery to premium white glove

  • White glove delivery service by professional uniformed experts wearing gloves and booties
  • Receiving, inspection, repairs and deluxing services
  • Furniture Repairs
  • Deliveries offered 7 days a week
  • Two-hour delivery window
  • Radio and GPS trucks
  • Blanket wrapping of furniture
  • Special out of area deliveries and times upon request
  • Installation
  • Tracking


Not as simple as it may seem? Moving furniture and products can be a headache and take you away from what you do best: selling your furniture and providing your customers with products they love and rely on. Furniture is a key element to any home or business and we will assist you with all the logistics aspects such as the “planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements” in order to keep your mind at ease.

At FDS we work with the best freight transportation professionals and logistics specialist from around the world for a smooth journey home.

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Whether you’re a designer, small business, manufacturer, furniture retailer, etc. looking for everything from warehousing to fulfillment, finishing and transportation to short or long term storage – we are here to provide you with solutions you can count on.

FDS is geared towards managing your furniture and products both inside the warehouse and out on the road. We can provide you with logistic support to final mile and all at the palm of your hands with technology you can count on. We offer clients inventory and activity reports, along with a full array of warehouse and distribution services.

Warehousing services include:

  • Bulk and rack storage
  • Off-ground storage, shrink-wrapped and protected
  • Specialized storage such as delicate items, equipment, oversized, etc.
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Delivery services

In addition to technology, we pride ourselves on the personal aspect and giving you and your customers a mix of technology and personality with our reachable, experienced and professional customer service team. In as much, our facilities are staffed by trained and qualified personnel to keep your merchandise and goods safe and secure. We will assign a rep to take care of all your needs and make sure everyone in the office is up to-date with your products and needs. In addition to your rep, your team will have upper management support always.

Do what you love to do and leave the sticky details to us.


From the get go, we have worked with a plethora of designers on projects big and small. Whether it requires picking up a few items here and there and all the way to storage for months at a time for multiple projects, we have the space, the man power and the expertise to help you consolidate.

We are here to allow you to focus on your core business: designing and to keep your mind at ease. As your partner you and your clients will receive the utmost care and professionalism from a delivery service dedicated to being your partner.

We have worked with and specialize in showrooms, interior, office and model home designing.

FDS can either receive orders to our facility or we can arrange a pick up from manufacturers and retailers. We will the check the pieces and store them securely until the items are consolidated and ready for delivery. All merchandise is securely logged, stored and ready for the delivery whenever you are.

Designers find this service removes the logistical obstacles associated with coinciding delivery of multiple orders from various retailers and to the customer.

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